Naming Molecular Compounds Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question It says white the formula for each of the following compounds. So for the first one we have is die sulfur, mono chloride. So dai means to to solvers. So that's as to and then mono chloride Chlor is the base name of chlorine and model means we have one of it. So this would be asked to see l for the next one. We have Tetra phosphorus Penta sullen eyed. Alright, So tetra means 44 phosphorus is so p four Penta means five and selling is the base name of selenium which is S e and they're being five of it would be p four s e five then finally we have die, bro Mo helped oxide So dai means to To bro means so be are too. And we have helped oxides So helped comes from Heptulla which means seven and then ox means oxygen. So there are seven oxygen's so di Bruno have dockside is br 207 So just remember the first time metal keeps its name is normal uses all numerical prefixes except for mono. The second nonmetal uses any numerical prefixes. But has its ending changed toe I'd