Lewis Dot Structures: Exceptions Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here. We have to draw the lewis dot structure for xenon di bromide molecule. So Zain on is in group eight A. It's a noble gas. So it has eight valence electrons, bro means a group seven. So it has seven, and there's two of them, so we have a 22 total valence electrons. Now, xenon will go in the center and here we're gonna be connected to our two bro means okay, Now, remember, your surrounding elements need to follow the octet rule. So we're gonna put our electrons around, bro Means so that they each have eight total valence electrons. Three lone pairs around them totalling six electrons. But remember, they're also sharing electrons from the single bond. So that's eight each one has. So that's using up 16 of my total 22 valence electrons. So we have six remaining here. The remaining six electrons. We have no choice but to put them around Zen on. So six electrons and we separate them evenly is lone pairs. And this would be the structure off xenon di bromide molecule. We can see here that Zen in has 2468 10 electrons around it. It's breaking the octet rule because it is an exception. Now it's non. It's ideal non octet number would have been 16, but again, that's when it's ideal here. We just don't have enough electrons to get to that number of 16. Instead, Xenon is okay with having 10 electrons around it. But here we're seeing that are central elements are breaking the octet rule, and it's still okay.