Rate Law Concept 3

by Jules Bruno
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the rate constant and reaction orders of the rate law are determined mathematically when given our reactant concentrations and initial rates. Now this is the sequence that you have to use in order to solve all of the components of the rate law. The first thing that we can solve our our reaction orders. Now, once you have your reaction orders determined, you can use that information to determine your rate constant K. And then once you have that you can then determine your new rate. So if you're given a question where they're giving you information on the reacting concentration and initial rates and they want you to find your rate constant K. You can't just skip to re constant K. You have to first find your reaction orders. Once you do that, then you can find. Kay if they give you reacting concentrations and initial rates and ask you to find your new rate. You can't just skip all the way to new rape. You have to do reaction orders to find your rate constant and then you can find your new rate. Right? So keep this in mind anytime. We're asked to deal with any calculations dealing with rate law determination.