Periodic Trend: Ionization Energy

Jules Bruno
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now ionization energy is the energy absorbed to remove an electron from a gaseous atom or ion based on position in killing jewels? Now we're going to say, Here we have nitrogen in its gashes state. We need to remove its electron. When I remove its electron, it becomes positively charged, and here we would illustrate the electron that's been moved by placing it also as a product. We said energy is absorbed, so we're taking in energy. We're gaining energy, so ionization energy will always be a value that's greater than zero. It will be a positive number now what? We also need to realize that since we're absorbing energy, oftentimes you'll hear this being called an Indo thermic reaction. In these reactions, energy is absorbed in order to break a bond. Here, we're breaking the connection of the electron to the element. Also, what we need to realize here is that ionization energy equals the potential energy off a given electron. Later on, we'll try to connect this whole idea of potential energy toe ionization energy. But for now, just realize we're moving an electron from a gaseous ion or Adam to create a mawr positively charged species