Use the prefix multipliers to express each measurement without exponents. a. 1.2 * 10 - 9 m b. 22 * 10 - 15 s c. 1.5 * 109 g d. 3.5 * 106 L

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Alright. So we need to express 2.7 times 10 to the negative 13 leaders without using exponents in the appropriate metric prefix. Okay so we don't want scientific notation. We just want just regular numbers without exponents and we're not really sure exactly which um units that we are finally answer will be in. So we're just going to need to try a couple of them. All right. So let's go ahead and do the PICO leaders first. So first one is PICO leaders and we have nana leaders and then we have milliliters. So if we take 2.7 Time stands with -13 leaders. Okay. And we use a conversion factor between leader and PICO leader. So leader on top here we're going to put leader on the bottom and then pick a leader on the top. Okay so PICO is a metric prefix. We usually put one in front of that and PICO is 10 to the negative 12. Okay so this cancels out the leader And the answer that we get here is .27. Pickle leaders. Okay so it actually looks like option A here is matching up with what we got here. Now let's just go ahead and check the next one just in case. So if we again take the same number we're starting and we're going to multiply it by now it's nano leaders. So one Nana leader Nana is going to be to the negative nine liter. Okay so again once you cancel out the leaders have nana leader and this number gives us 2.7 Times to the negative for Nana leaders. Now of course 2.7 we wouldn't leave it like that because we don't want exponents. But the fact that we actually do not have another another Nano leader that is smaller than 2.7. That means that is not the answer. And of course Millie Leader here is also cannot be the answer because that's the answer that we got with the PICO leader. So this is out of this is out. So anything that is actually um that's actually 2.7 or two or 20.27 cannot be the answer. So we already know that in PICO leaders it equals 2.27 not 2.7 that can be the answer. And again PICO Leader we already found the right answer. So a. Here is the correct answer. So actually got lucky with the first calculation there. Thanks so much for watching.