Parts per Million (ppm) Example 2

Jules Bruno
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A 2.4 L sample of an adequate solution contains . ml of ammonia. What is the concentration of ammonia in the solution expressed as parts per billion? Alright. Since we're dealing with volume here, that must mean we're dealing with parts per billion in terms of volume. So we'd say here parts per billion would equal the middle leaders of our salute divided by mil leaders of our solution, which in this case is our sample times turn to the night. Here we plug in .012 middle leaders of our ammonia, which is our salute Divided by now we need to convert leaders in two ml and remember that for every one milli, it's 10 to the negative three leaders. So here that comes out to 2400 ml, which is what we're going to place over here And then times 10 to the 9th. When we do that, that's going to give me as an answer. 5000 parts per billion And out of the choices shown options often be would be the correct answer. So be 5000 parts per billion will be the correct concentration of NH three, expressed in parts per billion