Activity Series Example 1

Jules Bruno
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in this example question. It says a very common example is the displacement off a hydrogen atom by magnesium when reacting with hydrochloric acid. Based on your understanding of the activity. Siri's chart determine the products formed. Alright, so magnesium is a metal. Remember, metals are mono atomic and natural existence solids. Then we have hydrochloric acid. HCL also recall when we talked about soluble ity and electrolytes that acids exist in the acquis form. Here we're talking about displacing hydrogen by magnesium. That's what they tell us. So that means that magnesium is going toe kick out, basically hydrogen from HCL. That means we're gonna have a metal magnesium with a non metal chlorine. Remember, metal plus nonmetal means it's Ionic and Ionic compound, so we need their charges. Magnesium and group to a. So it's charges. Two. Plus chlorine is a group minus group seven A. So it's minus one. Remember when the numbers in the charges are different. They don't cancel out. They crisscross. So too comes here and one comes here. Sweet have here magnesium chloride. A quiz. Now hydrogen gets displaced. When it gets displaced, it becomes its natural form. So the natural form of hydrogen is H two. And remember, hydrogen exists as a gas in its natural form. If you don't recall, that makes you go back and take a look at my videos. When we talk about periodic table and elemental forms, all we need to realize here now is that on the product side, we have to chorines and two hydrogen. So to balance this out, I just need to put a two here for HCL. So this were would represent my equation after magnesium has displaced hydrogen from hydrochloric acid.