Activity Series

Jules Bruno
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in this new set of videos, we're gonna take a look at Activity Siri's. But first we need to realize what a single displacement reaction is. It's basically when one element replaces another element within a compound. So for simplicity, we say that we have an element A, and it's trying to replace one of the elements within the compound. BC Let's say that it wants to replace be it would literally remove, be kicked, be out. And so now we have a new compound, a C. With be over here now, not any element can replace or displace another element from a compound to determine which ones can we utilize the activity. Siri's chart. This chart determines if an element can displace another element. Now we're going to say an element higher in the activity. Siri's chart will displace an element below it in the Siri's, so just remember a single displacement reaction. One element replaces another within a compound to create a whole new compound, and we're gonna utilize an activity Siri's chart to see which elements can displace other ones. So click on to the next video and let's take a look at this activity. Siri's chart