Coulomb's Law Example

Jules Bruno
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a charge of positive 4.13 times 10 to the negative 19 columns is placed 8.3 times, 10 to the negative, 7 m, apart from another charge of negative 3.37 times 10 to the negative 17 cool apps What is the attract is the force of attraction between the charged particles. Now we know there's a form of attraction because they have opposite signs. One's positive ones negative in camp. Opposites attract. So potential energy equals are permitted ity constant, which is 9.0 times 10 to the nine Newtons Times meter squared over Coolum squared. That's gonna multiply with the two charges Q one and Q two. And then we have our we have our radius squared. When you do this, notice what's going to cancel out our meter squares. Cancel out and our Coolum squares cancel out, and we'll have our answer in Newton's, which comes out to negative 1.94 times 10 to the negative Newton's. So this would be the attraction felt between the two charged particles