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Problem 13
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To answer questions 13–15, refer to the mechanism: H2O21aq2 + I-1aq2¡OH-1aq2 + HOI1aq2 Slower, rate-determining HOI1aq2 + I-1aq2¡OH-1aq2 + I21aq2 Faster 2 OH-1aq2 + 2 H3O+1aq2¡4 H2O1l2 Faster Identify the catalyst and intermediate(s) in the mechanism. (LO 14.12, 14.16) (a) Catalyst = I-, intermediates = OH-, HOI (b) Catalyst = H3O+, intermediate = HOI (c) No catalyst, intermediate = I2 (d) No catalyst, intermediates = OH-, HOI

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