Equatorial and Axial Positions Example 2

Jules Bruno
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for this example question it says determine the molecular geometry of the following ion. So here we're dealing with S. c. l. three negative. Alright so here we're gonna place sulfur as our central element Sulfur itself is in group six a. So it has six valence electrons. And here it's gonna use three under the six To make connections to our three florins Chlorine are in group seven a. So they each have seven valence electrons. They use one of their electrons to make a single bond to our sulfur atom. And we're going to say this is what our structure would look will look like. So the chlorine have used all their electrons available, sulfur has only used three out of its six total electrons. So here we're gonna draw its remaining three. Now we're gonna go back and clean this up based on our understanding of five electron systems versus six electron systems. So right now let's just draw the basic framework of our structure. So there goes five valence electrons and here's the 6th -1 means we've gained an outside electron. The chlorine no longer need an extra electron. They're all making them right amount of bonds that they want. So that extra electron that we're gaining because it's -1 it's going to go to the sulfur. And because our structure has a charge we need to draw it in brackets with the charge on the outside. Now we need to determine is this a five elektron system or a six electron system. Well if we look we're going to say that we have one two 345 electron groups. So this is a five electron group system. So think about our memory tool. It's a lock as long as you remember the hands of the clock. So five groups means we're looking at 5:00. Both hands are pointing straight up or straight down. So they're not in the actual position, they'd be in the equatorial position. That means our loan pairs should be oriented in the equatorial position to draw the best possible structure. So here we're gonna play sulfur in the center. So we're gonna draw the correct structure over here, sulfur goes in the center, the two lone pairs that it has, we have to draw them in the equatorial position. And one of the Koreans will also be in the equatorial position as well. So there it goes. Okay and then the other two are gonna be in the axle positions pointing straight up and straight down. Okay, So there goes our structure. Now remember draw this one as our extra electron. Remember because this structure has a charge and put it in brackets with the charge on the outside. So this would be the correct way of drawing SCL three negative. Right? So just remember when you're dealing with the 6th electron group system or five electron group system, it's important to remember. Where should my lone pairs go knowing that gives you the best possible structure