Equatorial and Axial Positions Example 1

Jules Bruno
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based on your knowledge of actual and equatorial positions draw the most likely structure of pF two cl three. Alright. So remember when it comes to drawing lewis dot structures, we place the least electro negative element in the senate in this case would be phosphorus mhm phosphorus has attached to it, five bonding groups to florian's and three chlorine. So it's a five electron group system. Now, phosphorus and group five. So this makes sense. Remember that three of them would be along the equator and two of them would be in the actual positions. Now remember in terms of stability and energy, we want the more electro negative element to be in the actual positions. Flooring is more electro negative than chlorine. So flooring replacing the actual positions. So remember Florence in group 78. So it only has seven valence electrons, hala jeans like chlorine and flooring when they're not in the center, they only make single bonds as surrounding elements. And then we draw the chlorine chlorine zone, Group 70 as well. So they have seven valence electrons. Then he were drawing them. Here they are along the equator. So this would be the most stable most likely structure of pF two Cl three. We have a five Elektron system and therefore we have equatorial axial positions. Flooring is more electro negative in chlorine. Remember flooring would go into the axial positions and chlorine. We will go into the equatorial positions