Equatorial and Axial Positions Concept 1

Jules Bruno
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covalin compounds with five or six electron groups have equatorial and axial positions for their surrounding elements. Now when we say the equatorial position, we're gonna say the equatorial position. These are your surrounding elements position around the equator of a compound. So here we. Take a look at these two illustrations, we can say that the equator of this sphere is right here And here we have five electron groups. Three of them are along the equator here we have six electron groups and four of them are along the equator of the sphere. Now, if we say axial or ethical position, this is basically a surrounding elements position above or below the equatorial position. So remember we have our equator here. So our actual positions are above it, or below it and here above it or below it. Now these arrangements themselves, they increase repulsion between elements. This in turn causes a decrease in energy for the compounds. And just remember in chemistry, if we decrease our energy, that's a good thing that leads to greater stability. Now, a rule of thumb is we're gonna say that the more electro negative element tends to prefer the actual position over the equatorial position. Okay, so this again ties into the whole idea of energy and stability. So just remember these fine points when we're talking about five electron group molecules and six electron group molecules