The Electron Configurations: Exceptions Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here in this example question it says, based on the exceptions, provide the condensed electron configuration for the silver atom. So we're gonna say here that silver is a G. It has an atomic number of 47. Since we're dealing with an atom, it's the neutral form of it. So it has 47 electrons now, looking at the periodic table. What we would see initially is we would see crypt on five s to four d nine. Remember, Silver is one of the elements within the second column we discussed. And remember, it's a D nine element. If it could become D 10, those orbital's will be completely filled. In order to do this, we're gonna take one electron from the S orbital and promoted up to the D set of Orbital's doing. This gives us now the correct exception to silver, which is crypt on five s, one four d 10. So this would be the correct electron configuration for silver. So just keep in mind the six elements we discussed earlier, all of them to do this where we take one electron from the S orbital and promoted up so that we either have half filled the orbital's or completely filled in D. Orbital's like silver here