Lewis Dot Symbols Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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here in states which element will possess the most valence electrons, Not one of them. I already gave away. Remember, Aluminum is in group three A. So it has three valence electrons. Now, if we look, we have sulfur, calcium, hydrogen and bro me. None of them are transition metals. So we don't have to worry about the number off S or D electrons that they possess. They're all main groove elements. So look on your periodic table and see what group do they belong to? Sulfur is in group six A. So it has six violence. Calcium is in group two ways. What has to valence? Electrons? Hydrogen is in group one A. So it has one valence electrons. And then finally bro means in group seven A. So it has seven valence electrons. So we see that, bro. Mean is the one that has the most valence electrons at seven