Lewis Dot Symbols Example 2

by Jules Bruno
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here. We're told to draw the lewis dot symbol for the following element. Tillery in now, Step zero tells us to identify if the element is a main group element or a transition metal. Tillery, um, itself is in group six A making it a main group element. So we're gonna start off by writing Toe Leary. Um, t Step one tells us to place one valence electron at a time on the four sides of the element, and we're gonna start from the top of the element and move clockwise. Tillery, Um, sentence in group six A has six valence electrons. We're gonna have the first one here. Step two tells me to continue adding electrons, pairing them up until you have reached the appropriate number of valence electrons. So 12 34 I still have two more to draw. So keep going. Clockwise five six. Step three tells me if you are given an eye on placing in brackets and put its charge in the upper right corner. Remember, a cat ion is a positive ion. We get those by removing electrons, so we'd have to start removing these valence electrons for an anti on, which is a negative ion. You would be gaining electrons, so you'd be adding those electrons here to delirium is not an ion and has no visible charge. No positive or negative charge present. So this would simply be our answer here. It would just be delirium with our six dots.