Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here, it says to determine if the vanadium Adam is para magnetic or diet magnetic, so Adam means that it's in its neutral form. Vanadium is represented by the If you look at the periodic table, its atomic number is 23. Here it's electron configuration would be are gone for us to three d one. If we look, we know that in S Orbital's there's only one orbital and they can hold a maximum of two electrons. So the four s orbital is already filled in with two electrons. R D sub level has five orbital's. And here there's only one electron there. So vanadium has one electron by itself within in orbital. So it's uncared, meaning that the vanadium Adam is para magnetic. So just remember, if you have a least one electron by itself in any given orbital, it's a para bathetic species.