Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism

Jules Bruno
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now recall that in orbital can hold a maximum of two electrons that pair up with opposite spins. Remember, the opposite spins is part of the poly exclusion principle. Now we have two terms para magnetic versus dia Magnetic with para magnetic. This is one at least one electron and given orbital's is unp aired and die Magnetic is when all electrons and given orbital's are paired We're gonna realize that para magnetic substances are also magnetic meaning that they're influenced by a magnetic field. So if we take a look here para magnetic if we look we have an s orbital All the electrons within that one orbital are paired up. But if we look at the p orbital's we have this electron by itself in an orbital. So it's uncared and this one too as long as you have one electron in an orbital by itself um pared its para magnetic for dia magnetic If we look, all the electrons in the s orbital are paired up and then all the electrons in the P orbital's are paired up. There is not one electron by itself within a given orbital. So this is what is meant by Dia magnetic. So just keep this in mind when doing the electron configurations of either elements or ions. Para magnetic elements and ions have at least one electron by itself in an orbital somewhere. Dia magnetic. Every single orbital has two electrons in it. All of the electrons are therefore paired up.