Constant-Pressure Calorimetry Example 1

Jules Bruno
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What is the standard heat capacity in kill jewels per degree? Celsius off a calorie motor that absorbs 87 jewels at its temperature as his temperature goes from 33 degrees Celsius to 38. degree Celsius. Alright, so your standard capacity A C capital C and remembered equals Q divided by changing temperature. Here, we need to convert our jewels into killer jewels because they want the unit and kill jewels. So we have 87.0 jewels. Remember that 1 kg is 10 to the three jewels here, so that's 30.87 killing jewels. Take that and plug it in. And then Delta teas are changing temperature final temperature minus initial temperature. So when we do that, we're going to get our answer in killer jewels over degrees Celsius. This comes out to be 0.171 killer jewels over degrees Celsius. Here are answers gonna be given to us in three Sig figs because I'm using 87.0 jewels as my reference here. Our temperatures could also be used. This has two significant figures. This has three. But just to give more detailed to our answer, we're gonna go with three significant figures