Constant-Pressure Calorimetry

Jules Bruno
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now a calorie meter is just a container, usually insulated against heat loss that contains a liquid with a given heat capacity, we're going to say, usually when a heated object is placed in a liquid, both the liquid and the container that it's in will absorb this released heat. And we're gonna say here that are standard he capacity, which is capital C for a calorie meter, if just the amount of heat required to change its temperature. Now, the weight of the calorie meters, usually unknowns. We're going to exclude it from our our Mass in terms of the formula now standard he capacity equals capital. C equals Q, which is our heat divided by changing temperature. So our standard he capacity is usually in units of jewels over degrees Celsius. Now this temperature could be given to us in Kelvin, and if it is given to us in Kelvin, then the temperature must be converted to Kelvin as well. The units here both have to match one another. Here are Q, which is our heat can be in jewels or in killing jewels, so always be on the lookout for that to make sure units all match so that they cancel out toe, isolate the missing variable