The Electron Configuration: Ions Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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So here it says right, the condensed electron configuration for the titanium three ion. All right, so titanium three is t I three plus step one tells us to provide the electron configuration for the neutral form of the element. Alright, So titanium neutral has an atomic number of 22. If we're doing it's condense electron configuration. Looking at the periodic table we would see are gone as a noble gas right before it. Then we have here for us to and then we'd have three d to so this would be the electron configuration of the neutral titanium Adam. Step two. Begin removing electron or electrons from the highest number shell tow. Obtain a desire charge. Yeah, when in the same shell to as versus two p. Use off bowel principle to remove the higher energy electrons first. Alright, so coming back to the titanium three ion three plus means we've lost three electrons. Looking at our condensed electron configuration for the neutral ion on neutral element will help guide us to the new electron configuration of the ion. So we don't touch what's within these brackets. That's our noble gas. So we're looking here because it's for s that means and equals four. And because it's three D, that means n equals three, where you move our electrons first from the highest shell number. So we need to lose three electrons here. We're gonna lose our first two from the forest. So for us is now completely gone. Next, we need to lose one more electron because we need to lose three electrons. So that's gonna come from the three D. That means titanium. Three at the end will be are gone three d one as the electron configuration of our eye on