Bond Angles Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here, we need to determine the F I F bond angle for the following. I am I F four minus. So iodine in group seven A sword has seven valence electrons. It will use four of them to connect to the for ins Florins are also in group seven a. So they have seven valence electrons. When and they also only make single bonds. We've used four out of Aydin, seven valence electrons. Mhm. And we're going to say here it has three more that are not being used. But remember -1. Charge means would gain an outside electron which would give to the iodine since it has a charge. You put it in brackets with the charge on the outside. Now here we would have what we have to long pairs and four bonding groups or surrounding elements connected to. I don here we'd say that the bond angles here and here from this particular shape would be approximately 90 degrees. So that would be our bond angle for I F four minus