Bond Angles Example 1

Jules Bruno
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if the H ch angle within the methane molecule is one of 9. degrees, what is the H NH bond angle within ammonia? All right. So here we're gonna draw ch four carbon will go in the center. Carbon has four valence electrons, Hydrogen Zara Group one a. So they only have one valence electron. So then here's our structure. And they're just saying here that our bond angle between hydrogen carbon, hydrogen is one of 9.5°. Now, if we draw ammonia nitrogen in group five A sort has five valence electrons. Three of them would be used to connect to the three hydrogen. Is that we have. Now here we have a lone pair on the nitrogen. Remember when we have that lone pair on the nitrogen, it causes our bond angle to decrease to become smaller. So we would expect the bond angle to be a number smaller than one of 9.5 would be less than one or 9.5. So, if we take a look here, The only degree that we see as an option, that's less than 195 is option seat. The bond angle in the ammonia molecule between H&H is approximately 107.3°