First Law of Thermodynamics

by Jules Bruno
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now the first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. What happens instead is that it's transferred between our system and its surroundings. Now, when we say system, the system represents the chemical reaction because we're in chemistry represents a chemical reaction or a substance that is being studied or analyzed. The surroundings is everything else. That is not that substance or not that chemical reaction. So if we take a look here at this image, we have a container inside of this container. We have gas molecules. Let's suppose that the gas molecules or what I am studying and observing the gas molecules would represent my system. The container is just what holds my system. It itself is not the system. I'm only examining the gas is not the container? No. So the container and everything outside the container, including you, me, the universe would be our surroundings. Both of these ideas together deal with the first law of thermodynamics. So I just remember you can't create energy. You can't destroy the energy. It just changes from one form to another. And changing from one form to another means the transferring of energy between systems and surroundings.