First Law of Thermodynamics Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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now a chemist wishing to determine the final temperature of 30 g of a metal or places it into an insulated beaker containing 615.5 g of water. At 42.18 degrees Celsius. It is determined that the metal gains 19 points. 11 killed joules of energy from the information provided determine the system and the surroundings. All right, so the chemist wishes to determine the final temperature off the metal, or so it's trying to determine its final temperature. Is trying toe. Analyze that metal or so the metal war is what's of interest to us, so it must represent our system. It is our substance being analyzed. And then what else is being talked about? Well, they're talking about the water, right? So the water itself is around. That's what submerges the middle. Or but we're not concerned with it. So the water itself must represent our surroundings. So just remember, if we're trying to find some information on an object or chemical reaction, if we're trying to analyze them, they represent our system. Everything that is not the system has to be our surroundings