Naming Ionic Compounds

by Jules Bruno
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now remember, the base name is just the beginning of the non metals name that is unchanged. So if we take a look here, we have our non metals and we try to group them as best as we can in terms of the periodic table. So we have in group one a hydrogen three a boron. These are in four A. These are in five A. These are in six a and of course, our intelligence in seven A. Now remember, the base name again is the beginning of the non metals name that is unchanged. So for hydrogen, it's based name is hydrogen boron. It's bore. Carbon is carb. Silicon is Scylla. Nitrogen, phosphorus is Foss, for oxygen is just ox. Now, again, we can just add Suffolk's endings to them. But these are just the base names. Sulfur is self. Then we have selenium, which is Silin, till Erie, um is tiller. And then we've covered the halogen is when discussing the oxy allergens or halogen oxy and ions. So you know that this is floor chlor brome and I owed so these would be the base names for non metals when it comes to our Ionic compounds. Now Step three is just if we're dealing with a poly atomic ion anyway, if it's present, it always just keeps its name. So if our Ionic compound possesses a phosphate group, then it's just phosphate. Now Keith e. Steps in mind when we're presented with any type of Ionic compound and asked to determine its name.