Naming Ionic Compounds

by Jules Bruno
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name Ionic Compounds is gonna be an incredibly important skill that you'll have to utilize for the remainder of your chemistry career. Now, before we can name Ionic compounds, it's first important to understand what are the components that make up an ionic compound. Now we're called an ionic compound eye on a compound themselves contain a positive ion called a cat ion, and one way to remember that cat ions or positive is here. This T can be seen as a positive charge associated with them, and this positive ion is connected to a negative ion called an an ion. This is important to recall because, ah, lot of times we may mistakenly say that an Ionic compound is simply a metal with a nonmetal that is not true, and Ionic Compound fundamentally is a positive ion with a negative I'll the cat ion could be represented by a metal, but it could also be represented by a poly atomic ion that possesses a positive charge on Remember the Poly Atomic Ion? There's only two that possess a positive charge, one of them being Mercury one ion, but that already fits under the whole idea of being a metal the other Polly. Atomic Ion That is positive is the ammonium ion. Remember, the ammonium ion is NH four positive. So our caravans are a metal with a positive charge or the ammonium ion which has a positive charge. And the an ion is represented by a non metal or also a poly atomic ion that possesses a negative charge. So remember a lot of the other party atomic ions that possess negative charges. You have your nitrate ion, your carbonate ion. You're phosphate ion. When it comes to an ionic compound to be able to spot them, you have to remember they are ah, positive ion connected toe a negative ion. So as we go into naming them, just remember these fundamental components that make them up.