Resonance Structures

by Jules Bruno
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Now, with residents structures, we're gonna say a set of two or more valid lewis dot structures for Polly Atomic ions possessing at least one pie bond. Now we're gonna say, in a resident structure, we have the movement of Onley electrons from either a pie bond or loan pair. Here, this depicts two different ways that we can show our nitride ion here. The pi bon could be either on the left oxygen or it could be on the right oxygen. Both are valid depictions of the Nitrite island now here to show resident structures. We utilize double sided arrows there used to show that the resident structures are equal or equivalent with each other. At this level of chemistry, we're going to say that their equivalent. But once you get the higher levels of chemistry such as organic chemistry, your later learn that not all residents structures are equivalent to one another. Now we're gonna say the rial structure is represented by the composite off the resident structures and it's called the Residents Hybrid. Now the residents hybrid is the composite of all major residents structures. When we say composite, we really need an average of the two resident structures to draw the residents hybrid. We place a dotted line anywhere a pie bond has been. So there was a pie bond on the left oxygen. So we do a dotted line there. There was a double bond on the right oxygen. So we show a dotted line there. So this would represent the residents hybrid off our nitride ion.