Label the following properties as intensive or extensive: den-sity, volume, mass, electrical conductivity.

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Hey folks. Alright, so here we are, just like the extensive property. So we have extensive and intensive properties and extensive properties are dependent on the size or amount of a substance. Right. So extensive, depends on size or amount of that substance. So temperature doesn't really matter. Um if you have a little bit of that substance or a lot or whatever, the temperature is still going to be the same. So this is an intensive property. Volume, volume is actually the right answer here, right? Because volume does depend on whether you have, you know, to two liters or 25 liters, right? That that's different amounts, luster, luster is an intensive property. Um It doesn't really matter how much of the substance that you have, it's still it's still gonna have the same luster also concentration. So even though you can have different concentrations, let's say we have, you know, two of the same Same samples. We have two leaders of one sample. Right, simple one. And then we have 15 liters of the same sample. Right? So we have the same sample still sample one and it's still going to have the same concentration, but we can take just a little bit of it and measures concentration or we can take a lot, you know, a big volume of it. It's still going to have the same concentration. Right? So it is intensive and then hardness just like cluster is also an intensive property because it does not depend on the size or amount of the substance. So be here is our only correct choice. Thanks so much for watching