Intensive vs. Extensive Properties

by Jules Bruno
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in our continued discussion of the properties of matter. We now come to extensive properties. Now we're gonna say here that extensive properties are those that are ex internal. Now these external properties, they are dependent of the size and amount of substance present. Now we're gonna say extensive properties just like intensive properties are still physical properties. Now some of the most common types of extensive properties, some of these images we've seen already. So this anvil represents mass. Now mass is definitely an extensive property. It's based on the amount that we have 10 g of a substance is very different from 100 g of that same substance. Next we have a ruler which represents length. One mile is definitely different from 100 miles. Here we have our cube inside of the cube. The space within it is our volume. So you could have a cube that holds only an ounce of water and another cube that can hold a gallon of water. Now here the volume involved is very different. Finally here we have our energy drink and now no we're not saying that an energy drink is an expensive property. What we're saying here is that all forms of energy is an extensive property. So we're talking about thermal energy, nuclear energy, all types of energy um are types of extensive property. So that energy drink just there is a broad understanding of all the energy forms that exist. Alright, so just remember an extensive property is based on the amount that we have of this particular substance now that we've seen this basic understanding of it, let's move on to our example question in the next video.