Electron Geometry Example 2

Jules Bruno
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recall there are many possible lewis dot structures that exist. But there are rules to draw the best structure. So for this example, it says determined the electron geometry for the following molecule CH two. Oh, this is also called formaldehyde. Um So if we take a look here, we place the least electro negative element in the center. Now that would be hydrogen. But remember we have another rule when it comes to hydrogen, it can never go in the center. So as a result it's carbon that has to go in the center. Carbon is in group four a. So it has four valence electrons. And Remember Hydrogen Czar Group one and they can only form single bonds. Mhm Carbon itself has to make four bonds. It's already making two bonds and eat two more. The only element that's left is oxygen. So carbon would have to form a double bond to that oxygen. Carbon, oxygen and group's success. What has six valence electrons and here we're showing all of them. So this would represent the structure or molecular shape of formaldehyde. Now, if we take a look, we'd say that the carbon is connected to how many electron groups It's connected to one, 2. 3 electron groups. Remember three. We say try equals three. Because we're saying try that would mean that the electronic geometry is tribunal planer. So this would be the electronic jammed your molecular shape of the formaldehyde molecule