Osmotic Pressure Concept 1

Jules Bruno
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now recall The osmotic pressure is the force that drives the movement of water from a lower concentration to a higher concentration. And remember that the osmotic pressure of a solution can be influenced by its concentration and temperature. So if we take a look here we have our osmotic pressure formula here. We're going to say the osmotic pressure, which is represented by this piloting symbol, is in units of atmospheres and it equals I, Which is your Van Hoff factor Capital M. Which is your molar? Itty or concentration or so liability. Okay. And that will be in moles per liter. So moles aside over leaders of solution Times are are is your gas constant, which is .08-06 leaders times, atmospheres over moles, times K. And then here finally t is our temperature and that would be in units of Kelvin. So just remember, when it comes to osmotic pressure, concentration and temperature can play a role in influencing the osmotic pressure of any solution