Solutions: Solubility and Intermolecular Forces Concept 2

Jules Bruno
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under the theory of likes dissolves lights. We say here that compounds with the same inter molecular force which I'm going to abbreviate as I m f and or polarity will dissolve into each other to form a solution. Remember, a solution is what our solitude is successfully dissolved by a solvent. Now here we have our different types of inter molecular forces, the types of compounds that has that as their major force and then whether that forces polar or non polar. So I a disciple, is the strongest of the inter molecular forces. It is the major force of ionic compounds I and I pull itself represents a polar force. So we're gonna see here that this is Ionic and it is a polar into molecular force. Next strongest is hydrogen bonding, which is just a special type of diet cola, diet cola, bonding. Okay, so just keep that in mind. So hydrogen bonding happens as the major force for compounds containing hydrogen directly connected to fund f o n. So flooring oxygen or nitrogen. Now, this is also a polar inter molecular force. Dipole dipole is the major force of polar covalin compounds, so it already described the type of compounds that happened as their major force. So it itself has to be a polar into molecular force. Then finally, we have London dispersion forces, also called Van der Waals forces, or just dispersion forces as a whole. Now we're going to say that this force is found in all compounds. It doesn't matter what the compound is. It has some of this in it. But it is the major and only force of non polar Covalin compounds. And since it's the major force of non polar Covalin, compounds in itself is a non polar into molecular force. So again we can look at two different substances if you can tell their polarities. If both are polar, they'll dissolve into each other. If both are non polar will dissolve into each other. That's the idea of like dissolve likes to things that have the same polarity arm Isobel. They will mix together. If one is pulling one is non polar, they will not mix. Let's say that you're looking at two substances and can't tell if they're polar non polar, then try to look at their inter molecular forces if they both have the same inter molecular force, they're going to have the same basic idea of polarity, okay, and again that will reinforce the idea of them being miserable and being able to mix the former solution. So keep this in mind when comparing any two substances to one another.