Solutions: Solubility and Intermolecular Forces Concept 1

Jules Bruno
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now, before we can talk about solutions and how it relates soluble itty in the inter molecular forces first recall that solid ability is a chemical property, and it deals with the ability of a saw you to become dissolved in a solvent. Now, another term for being dissolved is meaning miss a bill. That means the two things will mix together. Now a solution itself represents a homogeneous mixture that is created when a solvent dissolves a solvent. Now, not all solids can be dissolved by a solvent. In those situations, we say we have a hetero genius mixture, so a heterogeneous mixture is created when a solvent cannot dissolve a solid. So just keep these terms in mind when we're talking about Saudi ability into molecular forces and how they relate to the idea of solutions. So homogenous mixture is another term for a solution where a solid and solvent has successfully been mixed together