Solutions: Solubility and Intermolecular Forces Example 1

Jules Bruno
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The following table represents a saw. The ability of a few non poor gasses in water at 25°C under a total pressure of 1.0 atmospheres based on the information provided what is the most likely saw ability value of F two. So if we take a look here we have N202 and F2 and two has a solid ability of 20.6 million. Mueller 02 has 1.2 million Mueller and F two is what we need to find. If you look on your periodic table, you'll see that nitrogen is in group five. A oxygen is in group six A. And then fleury is in group seven a. From the pattern that we see going from nitrogen to oxygen, we can see that the Saudi ability is increasing. Okay, now, this partly is due to the fact that oxygen, uh oh, two ways more than end, too. And therefore it's going to be more soluble Because it connects to ideas such as saw Inter Molecular Forces. Now here, we're going to say that going from end to to go to the mass is increasing. So our Saudi ability increases and we can see that it increases by a lot. It goes from .6 to 1.2. Following this pattern, we should expect the slide ability to keep on increasing if we go from 022 f two. So we should expect the saw the ability to be higher than 1.2. Which means that a and B around Now we're going for an end to the does a big increase. So we should expect that continued pattern. There should be a big increase. Going from 02 to F to C wouldn't work because going from 1.2 to 1.3 is not a big enough increase. So the best answer here would be option D 4.2 million Mueller for the Saudi ability of F two.