The Electron Configuration: Condensed

Jules Bruno
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We're going to say here that the condensed electron configuration is a faster way to write out electron arrangements for elements or ions were going to say with condensed electron configurations. We start at the last noble gas before the desired element. And if we take a look here, remember, this is our reimagining of the periodic table. We have our s blank where begins with one s. We have our P block here. We have our d block here and we have our f block down here with the condensed electron configuration. It's important to know which elements are we being asked to find the electron configuration off? And what's the noble gas before it? We're going to say, moving forward. This will be the primary method to write electron configurations because it's the faster, easier way to do it. Unless they say full ground state electron configuration, we usually just assume that this is the method. They want us to write the electron configuration. So now that we know what the condensed electron configuration is, click on the next video and let's get to work on a example. Question