The Electron Configuration: Condensed Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here, it says to provide the condense electron configuration for the aluminum atom. Adam means that we're dealing with the neutral form of it. If you look on the periodic table. So step one, we have to find the element on the periodic table. So aluminum has an atomic number of 13, which means it has 13 electrons involved. Step two, we're gonna locate the noble gas that comes before the element and place it inside brackets. So the noble gas before aluminum is neon. So put it in brackets. Step three, continuing from the noble gas in brackets complete the rest of the electron configuration. So we dealt with neon. So let's continue onward, toe aluminum. So next would come three s to and then three p. One. So this would be the condensed electron configuration of aluminum instead of having to write one s two to us to two p six. Three s 23 p. One. We have this new condense electron configuration. Neon here is taking the spot off all of this so it's easier and faster for us to write the electron configuration of aluminum in this regard. So just remember, the condensed electron configuration saves us a lot of time in terms of writing out the electron arrangements for elements and ions