Endothermic & Exothermic Reactions Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here. We need to determine which of the following is an extra thermic reaction for D. We're gonna have steam condensing, so just make sure you see steam condensing there. Now it says, um, if we look at the options we have sealed to burning now, burning usually can notes that we're breaking something down. You know, you you burn a piece of what it breaks it down. You're breaking bonds. So that would be indicative of an Indo thermic reaction not in exile. Thermic reaction. Remember exile? Thermic Is bond forming, not bond breaking next reaction in a cold pack? Well, a cold pack feels cold to the touch, But we said earlier that eggs authentic reactions which release heat feel warm to the touch. So ah ah, hot pack or heating pack would be an extra thermic reaction. Dry ice sublime ing. Remember, if you're sublime ing, you're going from a C. You're going from a solid to a gas. But remember, we're talking about forming bonds. We wanna go do deposition where we're going from a gas toe, a solid three, only one that makes sense. In terms of X, a thermic process is steam condensing. We're going from a gas to a liquid sore, forming bonds. So remember eggs, a thermic reactions or bond forming heat. Releasing reactions mean D is the only option that makes the most sense.