Endothermic & Exothermic Reactions Example 1

Jules Bruno
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here. It says which of the following processes represents an Indo thermic reaction. Remember, India? Thermic reactions are heat absorbing bond breaking reactions. So here we have steam condensing If you're condensing, you're going from a gas to a liquid here. You're not breaking bonds, you're forming them. So this is out next. Molten lava Solidifying. Solidifying means you're going from a liquid to a solid again. You're not breaking bonds. Okay? Water boiling If you're boiling, that means you're vaporizing your liquid water into a gas. You're breaking bonds here. So this is Endo thermic and then finally, we have water freezing. If you're freezing, you're going from the liquid. Phase two the actually going from Yes, the liquid phase to the solid phase here, not breaking bonds. You're forming them. So this would not be Indo thermic. So, out of all the options, only options C represents an Indo thermic reaction