Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution Example 1

Jules Bruno
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So here it says, to calculate the most probable speed of F two molecules at 335 Kelvin. So remember most probable speed is V p equals square root of two R t over the Mueller Mass. So here we're gonna say that we have square root of two times 8314 Now remember 8.314 uses the units of jewels over moles times K. But remember that one Jewell equals kilograms times meter squared over second squared, so I can substitute this in for Jules. When we do that, that's gonna give me my units off kilograms times meter squared, divided by seconds squared and then bring down moles times Kelvin as well. Times 335 Kelvin, divided by the molar mass in kilograms per mole for F two molecules, we have two florins and according to the periodic table, there are atomic masses are 19 g respectively, so that gives me 38 g per mole. Converting eight. Converting the grams to kilograms means that we'll have 80. kg per mole. Cancel out units, moles Cancel out Calvin's cancel out kilograms cancel out so we'll have here meter squared over second squared and we take the square root. When we do that, we get 3 83 m per second as the most probable speed for F two molecules.