Electromagnetic Spectrum

Jules Bruno
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So the visible light spectrum represents a small portion of the continuum the electromagnetic spectrum itself um that can be seen without the aid of instruments by us. And here we're going to say that in order to remember the colors involved with the visible light spectrum. Just remember Roy G biv here are is red. Then we have orange yellow, we have here green, blue, indigo and violet. Now realize that sometimes in more modern visible light spectrums they'll combine indigo and violet together and just say it's violet. And when we're talking about the visible light spectrum realize that it ranges from 700 nanometers for red light all the way to around 380 nanometers for violet light. And remember in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum we're gonna say that red is near infrared and then the violet end is next to ultra violet. No that's blue, but you get what I mean. So that's a good way of remembering what other electromagnetic radiations are near the visible light spectrum. Red is next to the infrared and then violet is next to ultraviolet. So just remember the visible light spectrum is important to us because that's what we can see with our bare eyes without the use of any types of instruments