Electromagnetic Spectrum Example 1

Jules Bruno
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So here we're gonna use our memory tool to help us with this example. Question. It says which kind of electromagnetic radiation contains the greatest amount of energy per Adam here. Remember, as we move from left to right, we're going to say that our frequency increases so mu is increasing and this is important to know because remember, energy and frequency are directly related, so the greatest amount of energy would correlate to the highest frequency. So who's most to the right here if we look, microwave is for Martians. So that's out X rays over here. And the only thing higher than that is gamma rays. And we don't have gamma rays listed as an option. So here are answer would have to be choice. Be Remember. Large, rude Martians invented very unusual X ray guns stands for long radio waves, Radio waves. Here we have microwaves. Here we have infrared, the visible light spectrum. We have UV light X ray and then gamma ray