Electromagnetic Spectrum

Jules Bruno
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now we have the electromagnetic spectrum. We're gonna see the electromagnetic spectrum is a continuum of electromagnetic radiation containing all wavelengths and all frequencies. Now, we're going to say here, if we take a look at the electromagnetic spectrum, we're gonna set it up where we have our long radio waves here on the far left and we're gonna proceed towards the right until we get to gamma rays realize here that we have on the top R frequency which is in hertz and just observe what's happening to the frequency goes from 10 to the zero. All the way to 10 to the 24 on the bottom. We also have our wavelength which is in meters, observe what's happening with it. We have 10 to the negative 10 to the eight. And as we go towards the right what's happening, it goes 10 to the negative 16. Now the electromagnetic spectrum, these are all the ones that you need to remember. So we have our long radio waves. Then we have our regular radio waves which have A. M. And F. M. So if you look in your car, if you're playing A. M. Stations, you'll realize that the frequency is a lot smaller. If you flip over to the FM radio stations, they're a lot higher. In terms of their frequency values. Then we have microwave infrared. This portion here where we see colors is the visible light spectrum, the part that we can see without any instrumentation, then we have ultraviolet x ray and gamma rays. Of course there's cosmic rays. But don't worry about that. Now, observing what we saw with frequency and wavelength going from left to right. We would see as we move from radio waves to gamma rays, the wavelength we see it decreases because we went from 10 to the 8 to 10 to negative 16. And then we see the frequency increased Where we going from 10 to the 0 to 10 to the 24. So gamma rays would have the highest frequency but lowest wavelength and long radio waves would have the longest wavelength. But the longest wavelength here. Sorry, longest wavelength here but the smallest frequency. Now I know that's a lot of terms to memorize. So let's use our memory tool here. Just remember the order is large. Root Martians invented very unusual X ray guns. So large is for long radio waves, rude is for radio waves. Martians is for microwave invented is for infrared visible. Light spectrum is very unusual is for UV or ultraviolet X ray is for X ray and then guns here stands for gamma rays. So just remember these vows. These terms represent our entire electromagnetic spectrum in which you're responsible in knowing right and use this memory tool to help you remember the order that they're found in. Now that we've seen this electromagnetic spectrum. Move on to our next video. And let's take a look at an example. Question