Quantum Numbers: Number of Electrons

Jules Bruno
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when we have mawr than just the quantum number and being given to us. Then we must follow this quantum electrons roadmap. So the way it works is they could give us the L value for our electrons. And if we know our l value of our electrons, we can go straight into the number of orbital's involved. Remember, each orbital can hold a total of two electrons, right, so one up and one down. And then all we need to do is from the number of orbital's determine the number of electrons. So since each orbital can hold two electrons, we multiply the number of orbital's by two. And that will give us our number of electrons. Now they could also give you the sub level letter and that would correspond still to my l value. And then you would take the same path. You have your l value. From there, you can determine the number off Orbital's by Isabel, remember, And sable is the range of L. Once you know, your orbital's multiplied by two to get the number of electrons. Now, what else could they do? Well, they could give you your n value here, and if you know, the end value would do end minus one, which would give you all the possible values of L. And again, knowing the L value would give you your m sub l value multiplying that by two. What again give you the total number of electrons. It give me a bit complicated, but click on the next video and let's take a look at example and how we're gonna utilize this quantum electrons roadmap.