Quantum Numbers: Number of Electrons Example 2

Jules Bruno
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here, it says, determine the number of electrons that could be found in the seventh shell and D sub low. So Step one tells me to determine the L value. For I went from either a given n value or from a sub shawl or sub level letter here. They're telling me that it's d because it's D. That means that we know that l is going to be, too. If they had just given me an end value in some other quantum numbers, then I would have utilized this part of our map. Now we know L is equal to two. If M Sable is not given, used the L Value to determine the number of Orbital's Remember M. Sobel is the range of AL So M. Sobel would be negative 2 to 2, so negative to negative 10 plus one and plus two that is a total of five orbital's and then, based on the number of orbital's, find the number of electrons. Remember, each orbital can hold a maximum of two electrons. So if I multiply this by two, that means that I have 10 electrons that would be in the seventh shell and have a D sub level letter