The normal body temperature of a goat is 39.9 °C, and that of an Australian spiny anteater is 22.2 °C. Express these tem-peratures in degrees Fahrenheit.

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Hey everyone, let's practice our knowledge on boiling points and converting our temperatures for the first part, we're asked To convert our boiling point of 64.7°C into units of Fahrenheit. To answer this question, we need to recall the following equation. So we have our degrees Fahrenheit is equal to 1.8 Or you might also see it as 9/5 times are degrees Celsius And we're going to add 32. So plugging in our values, we get 1.8 Times 64.7°C plus 32. And that gets us to A temperature of .46°F. Now for part B, it's asking us whether methanol is a solid liquid or gas on a sunny F date. Thinking about this, we know that it won't be a gas Because we're way below our boiling point of 148°. Also, we know that we can't be a solid Because we're way above our freezing point of negative 143°. So that must mean Methanol is a liquid at 75°F. So this is going to be our final answers and I hope that made sense. But let us know if you have any questions