Formation Equations Example 2

Jules Bruno
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in a formation equation, the standard state of elements combined together to form one mole of product here. In this example, it says right, the formation equation from methane style, which is ch three s h following the steps, it says step one right, the compound as a product. So ch three s h in a formation equation the coal, The product will always have a coefficient of one because, remember, we're making one mole of it step to write the standard states of the elements that make up the element as the reactors. So it's made up of carbon. Carbon is mono atomic, and the most common form of carbon is graphite plus Squam hydrogen hydrogen is diatonic and it's a gas plus sulfur. Sulfur is Polly Atomic. It's s eight, and it is a solid right. The formation equation with the appropriate coefficients for the reactant off formation equation is a rare instance where coefficient doesn't need a whole number. Sofrito balance this out. Remember, we make a list on both sides. So this is carbon, hydrogen and sulfur, carbon, hydrogen and sulfur. We have one carbon to hydrogen. Eight sull furs, one carbon, four hydrogen, one sulfur the cold fish into your has to be a one. We cannot change that. So we're gonna have to adjust the other coefficients. Your carbons air tied for both one and one. So that's fine. Here we have four hydrogen, but here we have to. So I'm gonna put a two here. That means the two gets distributed to give us four. Hydrogen is now. Then we have eight. Hydrogen is here, but only one here. I'm not allowed to put a coefficient in front of the product. So this is one of those rare occasions where I'm gonna have to do 1/ because 18 times eight will give me one. So now both sides of the equation have one sulfur involved. And then we can just say there's a cowfish. Ah, coefficient of one. If you want in front of the carbon graphite. So here, this would be our balanced equation. One mole of carbon graphite plus two moles of hydrogen gas react with 1/8 sulfur eight to produce one mole of methane style. So this would be our formation equation for methane tile.