Types of Aqueous Solutions Concept 1

Jules Bruno
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at this point we know that solutions represent homogeneous mixtures. But what we need to realize is that there are different types of solutions that exist as well. Now we're going to say here that when solid salutes dissolve in a solvent such as water and equilibrium takes place, we're going to say here we have what's called a solution equilibrium. This is when the rate of dissolution and re crystallization of salutes are equal. Now dissolution. We know that means that are solid Saw you breaks up into ions. What crystallization will be the opposite of that. That's the process of where are dissolved. Saw you starts reforming back into a solid. Now there are three possible solutions that are created. There's a saturated and unsaturated or a supersaturated solution. Now here when we talk about equilibrium concentration, this is just the maximum amount of dissolve Saw you present in solution at a given temperature. So keep in mind we have solutions which are homogeneous mixtures and these solutions can either be saturated, unsaturated or super saturated.