Introduction to Quantum Mechanics

Jules Bruno
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Now, quantum mechanics represents the mathematical or theoretical description of matter and its electrons on the atomic scale. It's a way of us describing the behavior of electrons within any given atom. Now, if we were to take a mathematical approach to it, we'd have to use short schrodinger's wave equation. So if we take a look, we can see that this equation is pretty complicated, We have sign there, we have delta. But don't worry, this type of equation isn't necessary for this level of chemistry. So we're gonna bypass the mathematical approach in describing the behavior of electrons. Instead, we're going to take more of a theoretical approach and that means that we're gonna have to understand the quantum numbers. Now, some people may hate the quantum numbers. We're gonna go piece by piece and understand how the four quantum numbers themselves help to explain the location and therefore the behavior of any particular electron within a given atom.