Heating and Cooling Curves Example 1

by Jules Bruno
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identify the line segment on the diagram where specific heat of liquid water is used to calculate energy flow. So remember here, this is a cooling curve above 100 degrees Celsius. We exist in the gashes phase. Remember we're looking for liquid water once we reach 100 degrees Celsius, that's where we undergo our first phase change here, we're going from a transition of a gas to a liquid. Now we want only the liquid form of water and that starts to occur at point C. Going down from C to D. Is when we finally have only liquid water. D. D. E would be us going from a liquid to a solid. Another phase change and then from E to F would be our sod. For now if you look here on line segment CD Since we're undergoing a temperature change because we're going from 100-0, we use Q equals and cat here we're here are specifically capacity C would be the specifically capacity of liquid water. If we're dealing with a gas, we'd still use two equals N CAC would be the specific heat of gasses, water. And then here it would be the specific heat of ice. Now, again, going back to the question, we're looking for liquid water. So that would mean the answer is option. C. Line segment CD would have the specific heat of liquid water